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The 'Sharp Practice' Camp





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Scenario competitions

Take a look at scenario design competitions we're having or had.

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Jan 23 14 5:51 AM

The colonel's tent

Lift the flap and enter the colonel's tent to discuss how to run/play a 'Sharp Practice' game: comments and questions about the rules, tips on playing or umpiring ...

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May 19 14 3:23 AM

The ADCs' camp-table

Join the ADCs clustered round their maps and planning the next battle: discuss scenarios and orders of battle for 'Sharp Practice' games.

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Jul 8 12 7:47 AM

The war correspondent's tent

Join in the quill scratching in this tent as the correspondents write up after-action reports on games played with the 'Sharp Practice' rules.

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Jan 5 15 3:55 AM

The recruiting sergeant's tent

You'll need soldiers to fight your 'Sharp Practice' games - the recruiting sergeant's tent is the place to discuss the miniature soldiers - where to get them from and how it uniform [paint] them.

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Oct 23 13 7:04 AM

The exploring officer's tent

The exploring officer journeys all over the landscape that the army is marching over, so here's the right place to discuss terrain and scenery.

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The commissary's store

The store is just the place to discuss where to download 'Sharp Practice' cards, quick reference sheets, playing aids and so on.

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Apr 24 13 5:36 PM

The cantiniere's wagon

Join the chin-wagging round the cantiniere's wagon on any topic of interest about the black powder era in general.

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Dec 2 13 1:26 PM

Outside the 'Sharp Practice' camp perimeter





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The semaphore tower

The semaphore tower on the hill outside the camp is the Black Powder era version of the internet! This is where you can discuss anything to do with this forum and its promotion, administration, access and so on.

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The trading post

Outside the camp boundaries lies the trading post, frequented by sutlers, merchants and others wishing to buy, sell or swap figures.

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The home front

While we Sharp Practitioners are fighting hard in Iberia, Europe, Russia, the Ottoman Empire, India, the Americas and the Antipodes, on the home front in good old England the Too Fat Lardies continue to churn out exciting new rules for other periods. This forum is where you can discuss any other TFL ruleset, and also where TFL can make announcements.

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